Honey Poney Honey of Myanmar Honey Farm has achieved high quality honey standard with full international certification such as: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP international standard pharmaceutical management, US FDA accreditation , The standard certification of INTERTEK. PURE HONEY Honey is preferred by JP, EU, US and continually consume consumer.
Talking about Myanmar Honey Farm, this is the largest and most famous honey producing and producing company in Myanmar with over 6,000 large honeycomb, the most advanced breeding techniques .MHF has continuously promoted the growth and development of bee keeping industry, as well as accounting for 40% of total honey production in Myanmar
Currently, Myanmar honey that MHF produced from many different sources of flowers such as Apples, Clones, Sunflower, Fabrics, Sesame, Spider … are rich in nutritional value and delicious aroma characteristics The taste of many flowers grows naturally in the highlands of northwestern Myanmar.


Currently on the market there are many types of honey products are unknown. Packaging, labels can be very eye-catching, looks high-end, quality but really very little honey is circulating in the market is full of quality certificates guaranteed by the authorities and There is almost no domestic honey product undergoes rigorous quality assurance to obtain the prestigious certification of the world’s leading reputation institutions such as INTERTEK …
– Do we know the true origin and quality of the honey products we are using?
– How much money do we spend to buy a healthy, natural honey product? Or are we using low quality honey, honey or doped honey. The health investment we spend does not only bring about the nutritional value we expect, but it can also adversely affect the health of our own family.
– PURE HONEY Honey has passed the most stringent tests and achieved the quality certification of the prestigious organizations in the world: INTERTEK, HALAH, … PURE HONEY has established the trust of the The fastest growing market, such as Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia. The natural honey from Sunflowers, Apples, Sao flowers … is very delicious and not sweet enough to stir the most difficult.
– Because of the desire to bring Vietnamese food with high quality, ESSENTIAL FOOD, the exclusive distributor of MYANMAR HONEY FARM, has imported PURE HONEY in large quantities to direct Next to each Vietnamese family loved. ESSENTIAL FOOD is pleased to introduce Myanmar’s top pure honey products, 100% Natural PURE HONEY Honey with 2 sizes 1,000g and 200g bottles. Hoping to meet your essential health needs in the beginning, worthy of the health investment and expectation of every family.


MHF’s PURE HONEY Honey is imported from Vietnam to Vietnam via ESSENTIAL FOOD. Official products of the company always have:  Stamps anti-counterfeit firmly affixed on the cap honey can display the name and address of the exclusive distributor in Vietnam.


– On the market there may be honey products of the same package but not full label, no origin. MHF does not guarantee health and is responsible for consumers when using such unknown products. We sincerely hope you take note and believe in using the right products to get the best value and benefits for your family’s health investments.
– Thank you for your patronage and always support PURE HONEY by Exclusive Distributors!