The area of ​​forests, flowers and green grass to two thirds of Myanmar is a source of supply for many forms of honey. However, to separate the honey for each flower, not simply because the flower season should be at this time, Myanmar has extracted the following types of honey as follows. Limited quantity: – Honey sunflower – Honey grass – Apple honey – honey copy – Honey – Sesame honey Make a variety of natural foods for Myanmar’s variety of honey (PURE HONEY® of MYANMAR HONEY FARMS) is delicious, rich in nutrients. The delicious taste of the abundant plant species, sprouting naturally on the highlands of North and Northwestern Myanmar. Honey yield The yield of Myanmar is calculated each year at about 4500 to 5000 tons. In particular, MYANMAR HONEY FARMS has been self-produced and purchased to supply over 2,000 Honey per year market, occupying more than 40% of the output password throughout Myanmar. This is Burma’s largest and most famous honey production and care work. At present, MYANMAR HONEY FARMS owns more than 6,000 large organizations of Israeli most advanced beekeeping technology. MYANMAR HONEY FARMS has not promoted the growth and development programs in the livestock sector in Myanmar since 2012.

MYANMAR HONEY FARMS PURE HONEY® Honey Honey is a high-quality honey with international quality standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP international standard for pharmaceutical management, US FDA. Recognized, certified by INTERTEK standards. PURE HONEY® honey is favored and imported by developed countries such as Japan, Europe, USA and Canada. The need to use pure PURE HONEY® pure honey for health and beauty is huge and is on the strong growth